Legal purpose of our photography: We recognise photos as data therefore you have specific rights not to have your likeness unlawfully taken or published. Following assessment of our data control / data processing activities using published tools, we are not currently required to register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). We do not maintain any additional personal data or solicit such from 3rd parties other than that which is necessary for us to lawfully complete our transactions with you, no personal details including financial and personal are stored in anyway, all details held by us are destroyed once your purchase is completed and your items are delivered. Sports / Action / Equine & Lifestyle photography on location or at organised events: all of our photography is subject to contract with an event organiser, for the provision of photographic services including: sales, storage, upload to a secure gallery system and promotion of the event. - it is the responsibility of the event organiser to make people aware of our presence and activity. - we provide information for circulation prior to the event and by request whilst we are there. - we may provide a selection or a specific image to the event organiser for use at their discretion. - we are not required to obtain consent from individuals for these purposes. - a separate written contract documents all relevant organiser details All of our photography is subject to consent for the purpose of in person sales, storage of the photos we take on computer drives and upload to a secure gallery system for re-order purposes. Marketing & promoting our business: any use of your likeness to promote or market our business is subject to consent. - the consent form will document all relevant personal details & any specific use or t&c's that apply. - this information is not associated with images, and is retained for 6 years. Your privacy rights: you have the right to withdraw consent for our use of your data, subject to any specific t&c's that were agreed and any other legislation that may apply. - you may exercise this right at any time. - you must give us written notice - please contact us in the first instance to discuss the process. Consumer rights: Online product sales are excluded from automatic rights to cancel. Products sold are bespoke (personal to you). Ethics and safeguarding: We are ethical photographers - we do not engage in or use our photography in any way that is intended to demean, disadvantage or inappropriately sexualise the subject. We encourage event organisers to view the images taken, to ensure we meet our stated objectives. We will actively work with event organisers to ensure the safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults with reference to any clearly stated & lawful policies or procedures. For the purposes of safeguarding children & vulnerable adults, a photographer is not eligible or required by law to undertake a DBS check. Many organisations do not realise that they must determine the correct level of DBS check required, make a legal declaration that the position is eligible and that they are entitled to ask exempted questions. Making a false declaration or attempting to obtain a DBS check without entitlement is a criminal offence, and can lead to prosecution. Social media presence: We encourage people to follow us on social media, to allow us to provide information that may be relevant to you, and where we may post images, which serve to represent the quality of our work or to notify that we have completed a secure gallery upload. privacy policy Powered by SmugMug

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